The perfect date night at Seelan

Seelan Restaurant & Bar is your next date night venue. Seelan takes a comfort & relaxation, but makes it vibey. With a beautiful view of Table Mountain and the harbour sounds to accompany your meal, there really isn’t any other way to do your next date night, girl’s get-together, or birthday celebration. 🍾

Seelan Sundoo takes a variety of dishes, as well as his own signature meals to create a menu that sparks imagination for your palette. From seafood, to pasta, to poultry, there’s a dish with a personal touch on Seelan’s menu.

My partner and I had our own date night at Seelan, enjoying cocktails and one of the best meals we’ve had. Starting with the Mango Daiquiri (it has Sailor Jerry – Yum!) and fresh West Coast Oysters, you’re bringing the taste of the ocean right next to you, to your plate. The Paradise Comso (with Reyka Vodka) was definitely my favorite cocktail of the night!

I opted for a Wild Mushroom & Truffle pasta (also recommended by the waiter), while my partner was daring and had the duck – something he hasn’t had before. The weren’t words to describe the meal except “OMG!” and “Wow! This is SO good!” Whatever you try on the menu, I know it’s going to be packed with flavour and taste.

There’s nothing like a creamy creme brûlée to end your menu, and Seelan got it right!

Actually, Seelan get everything right. A vibe, atmosphere, food and drinks. Take a drive to the Waterfront, and indulge in a fusion of meals!

Follow Seelan on Instagram here, on Facebook here, and view their website & menu here.

Disclaimer: Seelan invited us for the meal.


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