Out of this world curry at Sundoo!

When a place gets very busy, very quickly, you know they’re doing something right. And that’s exactly the case at Sundoo in Sea Point. This award winning restaurant is your must-visit Indian Eatery in town.

The waiters and managers are on point with orders, knowledge, and just going the extra mile for their customers. When you visit Sundoo, you don’t just visit for the food, but for the entire experience that comes with it.

We tried the chicken wings and mini chicken rotis to start the evening, accompanied by a cocktail that was just right, after the first few bites we knew every meal was going to be jam packed with flavour.

And what a feast! I had the lamb curry in mild, and my partner had the prawn curry in hot. With a feast before your eyes, Sundoo really bring out the red carpet for every customer that comes through their doors! 🍛

Ensure you make a reservation at Sundoo for your next Indian eatout!

Visit Sundoo on Facebook here, and on Instagram here.

Disclaimer: Sundoo invited us to try the menu.


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