Magic at Macau

Where can you find a blend of southern Chinese and Portuguese cuisine, with significant influences from Southeast Asia? Only at Macau. Chef Kuan Geo Lai together with Seelan Sundoo have created a place that sparks imagination for the tastebuds.

Situated in Hout Street, just off Breë, you’ll find a place that doesn’t look like it belongs in the CBD. You step into a restaurant from another world, where a modern feel pays homage to tradition.

Based around ordering a few different dishes to try and share around friends, the menu boasts something for everyone – from dim sum, to ramen, there’s something that you will love. Not only for the taste, but for the passion Chef puts into the meals.

My contributor – Rochelle – and I went for lunch at Macau. We started off with the chicken & garlic chive potstickers, and the honey glazed cha siu pork. The potstickers are packed with stuffing with a thin pastry casings; honey glazed pork is crispy, tasty, with a sweet taste at the same time.

What stood out the most for me was the aromatic crispy duck with mandarin pancakes. The make-your-own pancake concept is something you don’t often find, and everything married so well. Wrapping the crispy duck, fresh cucumber, with a dash of the homemade Hoisan sauce in the thin pancake was heaven.

The Macau Roll takes sushi to a new level with the flame seared salmon. The freshness comes out and the mayo adds a bit of tang to the dish as well.

Just before dessert, we tried the salt cod fritters with garlic aioli. This little balls melt in your mouth, and the pure cod flavor isn’t over powered by anything.

You know when you order fondant, you want that oozing middle? Well, omg did Macau’s truffle chocolate fondant ooze for sure! It was a rich fondant that paired perfectly with the green tea ice cream and chocolate soil.

Macau is a gem that Cape Town has been waiting for. Spend an afternoon snacking on these dishes while feeling how much thought went into blending these flavor combinations, will make you appreciate eating them even more. A massive thank you to Dennis for being so knowledgeable on the dishes, and Chef chatting about them made us enjoy them even more!

Visit Macau on Facebook here and Instagram here.

Disclaimer: Macau invited us for lunch.


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