Escape to somewhere else at Kwéyòl.

If you think there’s any other place like Kwéyòl, you’re wrong. Kwéyòl is such a unique restaurant in Cape Town, that try as you might, you won’t try any other place like it.

Situated in Botanik Social House in the CBD, when you step into Kwéyòl, you get a feeling of being at home. Being indoors, but outdoors. It feels like a little escape from the streets of Cape Town.

Mala Bryan, the girlboss behind Kwéyòl, puts so much passion into her meals, and prepares everything with the highest amount of love. You can taste the homecooked feel in her meals, as every bite is packed to the brim with flavour.

We tried the curried corn and fried chicken wings for starters and omg. You might want to order extra chips because the sauce of the curried corn is amazing! PS: Feel free to lick the bowl!

For mains, we went for the lamb neck stew and the grilled chicken wings. From presentation to taste, each meal felt like you were in a Caribbean kitchen on a tropical island, with Afro influences, eating a fresh homecooked meal.

Kwéyòl is a must for every local and tourist in Cape Town, and I can’t wait to go back and enjoy more of Mala’s meals!

Follow Kwéyòl on Facebook here and on Instagram here.

Disclaimer: Kwéyòl invited us for dinner.


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