Black Nice Cream + Greenis Review

What in the world is a Greenis and why does your kitchen need one?

The Greenis Smart Power Blender is what your kitchen has been missing all this time. It’s more than just a blender, and does so much more than a blender would do as well. It’s the world’s first smart power blender with a digital touchscreen, advanced microchip technology, and Smart Blending Programs (PS: Think a soup or hot drink preset where it warms up as it blends – what!). The Greenis brings you unmatched power, with a 2L Tristan jug.

Greenis has a raw power that can seriously transform into a versatile kitchen machine that goes beyond blending. When you think blenders, you think smoothies and milkshakes. But Greenis is so powerful you can whip up nut flours, sorbets, nice creams, granita, salsa, hot soups, purĂ©es, dips, and so much more! And you’ll find when using the Greenis that your smoothies, dips, milkshakes and more will come out smoother than ever.

The Greenis has got to be the ultimate blender you can purchase. As someone who loves being in the kitchen, is health conscious, or just wants a machine they can use for more than one thing, the Greenis is the way to go.

Black Nice Cream Recipe

Is there anything like treating yourself with a guilt free treat? Let’s make some black nice cream in the Greenis!

Take 3 frozen bananas, a tablespoon of nut butter, and a teaspoon of activated charcoal. Pop it all in the Greenis, select the smoothie option, and wait for the Greenis to do its job. And voila. That’s it. You have black nice cream! Garnish with fruit of your choice and enjoy your summer treat!

What I really like about the Greenis is the app and bluetooth option. You download the app, select the recipe, add the ingredients to the Greenis. Wirelessly connect your phone to the blender and when you’re ready, the blender will make what you’ve selected.

But apart from that, it has a cleaning option too. This machine really goes above and beyond in proving it’s a kitchen must-have!

You can shop the Greenis Smart Power Blender in black or white via Takealot here (white) and here (black).


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