Alex & Marla (discount code)

Alex & Marla have become a household name, and really don’t need an introduction. They’ve come such a long way from their humble start a few years ago, to their new collection recently launching. Today I have a special discount code for you to use on your next purchase, but let’s talk a little bit about how these bags are made before they reach you.

Alex & Marla bags are handmade by three ladies – Cindy, Phelo, and Busie. These ladies ensure that your bag is produced to the highest standard.

An Alex & Marla bag takes around 6 weeks to create – first the leather is ordered by their local partnering tannery, Mossops, in Wellington. They’re one of the oldest remaining tanneries in South Africa. After 3 weeks the leather arrives and is ready for the next step. The main pieces are selected, and the rest laminated for straps.

Once the leather has been prepped, it is sent to Woodhead’s to ensure that everything is cut to perfection. This takes approximately two weeks. After these five weeks of leather order and prep, the ladies can now start the production process, which includes sealing and painting the edges, sewing, inserting fittings, and doing the final assembly before placing each bag into its box, ready to be loved and cherished by its new owner.

We can’t get enough of the new collection and would love for you to own your own one, at a discount too! Shop the Alex & Marla site here, and use the code LOKALZA for 10% off any bag until 31 August 2018.

All images are property of LOKAL except for first image of staff.

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