Silver Creek Craft Distillery launch exciting new craft gin!

If you know me or follow LOKAL, you’ll know I can’t get enough of gin. Especially locally made craft gins. And when they’re pink and have a special story, it makes the gin sipping experience ever better!

A little ago a bottle of the brand new Prohibition Pink Gin from Silver Creek Distillery was delivered, and oh my. What a bottle!

Prohibition Gin is made in small batches, and comes in two variants: Prohibition Gin, and Prohibition Pink Gin. The Prohibition Gin, bottled at 43% alcohol, is a versatile spirit, ideally suited to be further enhanced with botanicals, fresh fruit, herbs, and good quality tonics. It offers the impression of balance win a fresh burst of citrus, followed by lingering juniper and a hint of cinnamon. The Prohibition Pink Gin is further infused with raspberries, blueberries, a touch of hibiscus flowers, and rose water. Both these gins produce a refreshing and aromatic taste. It’s easy to fall in love with a gin that tastes good, has a beautiful label, and an added little extra of a finger hoop on the bottle.

But why prohibition? Silver Creek Craft Distillery founder, and chief distiller Mark Taverner tells us:

Prohibition was a ban imposed on liquor through the campaigns of America’s ultra-conservative Temperance Movement of the early 1990s. The ban in 1920 created a very fertile environment for the illegal liquor trade and many entertaining tales of gin-making by the light of the moon and lively underground speakeasies. Business flourished for gang bosses and the likes of Al Capone made a fortune during this time. By today’s measure, it is estimated that he would have been worth over R16-billion.

Prohibition only lasted for 13 years, ended by overwhelming objection. As you can imagine, this was time to party and everyone rose to the occasion. To this day, its death knell in 1933 is widely celebrated.

To salute those who fought so gallantly to have the law revoked, our Prohibition Gin is made in the same traditional style as back then.

We like to think of this particular style of gin as helping folk dance since 1933!

If that doesn’t make you want to pour a gin and salute, then what will?!

Silver Creek Distillery rose to fame last year when the launch of their moonshines grabbed a victory of five medals at the 2017 Michelangelo International Wine & Spirits Awards. This distillery, tucked away in an old mining building in Gauteng’s Randfontein, does everything by hand. From mashing and fermentation, to distillation and bottling. This hands-on process allows for extra special care, which is why you will notice that every bottle of Prohibition Gin and their various moonshines are signed by the distiller.

The new Prohibition Gins retail at around R360 a bottle and are available at selected bars, restaurants and liquor outlets around the country. Visit for more information.

Join and explore the online conversation about Silver Creek Distillery and its pair of Prohibition Gins by using #silvercreekcraftdistillery and #ProhibitionGin or finding them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter by using @SilverCreekSouthernMoonshine.


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