It’s brands like Frankees that make us so happy we have LOKAL to show you!

Created by Siya Kolisi and Tim Whitehead, Frankees was born out of a desire to give guys an alternative to the every day underwear you see in stores. Frankees aim to give you maximum comfort with fresh and on-trend look; while making you feel great and looking your best.

Frankees are crafted from the finest blend of soft combed cotton and lycra, for supreme fit and comfort. They’re the happy underpants you’ve been searching for. Frankees ooze so much comfort and softness, they become that second skin you can live in and never want to take off.

What I love about Frankees is that no matter your size, shape, or fit, Frankees are designed and made for you. They’re exciting, locally crafted, and they’re making underwear fun again! The quirky and bold prints, and various styles make something for everyone.

Aaaand couples – girls and guys alike – Frankees do matching pairs!! You get to choose any two pairs (two guys, two girls, a girl and guy, whatever your vibe), and become that cute couple that lounge around in matching undies!

It’s safe to say that Frankees are changing the way we see and shop underwear, and we’re all for it. In fact, we took some Frankees for a test drive and we approve. They’re the Rolls Royce of underwear and you need them!


We love Frankees so much, we want to give you some! Take a look on the website here and tell us what print and style you love on our Facebook and Instagram giveaway post. Also be sure to follow the giveaway details there!







  1. I think that the all smiles is the 1 that stands out the most. There’s no way that it’s not a way to brighten your day or put a smile on the lady’s face. #frankeessmile


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