Daniel Wellington

There are two kinds of people in the world: Those who can’t leave the house without a watch, and those who have never owned a watch. I happen to fall into the latter category, until this sleek Daniel Wellington watch landed on my lap.


Daniel Wellington really aren’t a new name in the watch business, creating minimalist watches that easily fit into all lifestyles and personal styles. Their Instagram alone is enough to make you pull out your credit card and get that watch you know you really need.

I love that Daniel Wellington have added a rose gold and silver colored cuff to match the watch faces. Being someone who can’t leave the house without jewellery, this makes my look feel complete, and just adds that extra flair to your watch.

I opted for the petite white band Bondi, with rose gold face (shop here) and rose gold cuff (shop here). The Bondi has a classic face, and slightly thinner strap as well, giving it a petite look. I’m crazy about it, and know I’ve pretty much become that person that now can’t leave the house without a watch!

So who wants to get their hands on a Daniel Wellington watch with free worldwide courier shipping and a discount code too? Hop over the DW site here, choose your watch, and use the code LOKALZA to get 15% off your purchase until end October 2017. Hurry! There’s a DW watch with your name on it. Shop here!



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