My birthday wishlist!

Birthdays, no matter how old you’re turning, should always be celebrated. Whether it’s a small thing with your family, or even having cake in bed; or a huge party, I always make sure that I celebrate my birthday somehow.

And when Charlene from Pretty Please Charlie tagged me in her birthday wishlist here (yay for March babies!), I felt like I had to (read: wanted to!) put together my own birthday wishlist from some of my favorite local brands. It’s a lot of fun!

Read, enjoy, go out and buy these goodies for yourselves, or just enjoy reading about a new brand you might not have known about before.

Alex & Marla Saddle Bag


PS: I may, or may not, be giving one of these away as part of my birthday week of giveaways!

Alex & Marla is a small, artisan leather bag company that take classic vintage styles and turn them into modern & timeless investment pieces that you can make memories with for years to come. The saddle bag is the perfect little bag for a night out or a quick trip to the shop. Don’t you love?! You can shop the saddle bag, and the other styles on the clearance sale right here. But hurry, stocks are super limited!

Pretty Found Things 


I’ve been obsessed with Pretty Found Things for as long as I can even remember, and they were actually one of the first brands we ever showcased on LOKAL. And how absolutely breathtaking is this rose gold & morganite hammock ring?! Lucinda makes a variety of different hammock rings, and we love them. You can shop the rose gold & morganite hammock ring here.

Bare Naturals Oily Skin Kit


We’re all trying to make small changes to make a difference in the world by using less chemicals, saving water, and being less wasteful. I adore natural products and immediately fell in love with Bare Naturals – They use natural ingredients to make products with a punch that your skin will love you for. They also have trial boxes where you can play around with the products before purchasing the full sizes. Check out the full range here.

Dark Chocolate Guesthouse


Sometimes, all you need is a weekend away staycation, and I drive past Dark Chocolate Guesthouse in Durbanville every single day on my way to work, and back home again. I’ve added them to my wishlist because they’re part of my hometown, and you need to be selfish and spoil yourself by getting away and enjoying your own company. This is the year that I learn to be selfish with my own time. And so should you! You can view the guesthouse here.

So, who else is a March baby? Let me know in the comments below! And don’t forget to keep your eyes on our social media channels for our birthday week of daily giveaways from 13 March! We have some amazing brands aboard!




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