Mini Me Memorables {Feature}

Hello! We’ve been meaning to do another brand feature, and when Mini Me Memorables contacted us, we couldn’t help but get excited when we saw what they do and what they can create for you!


So, who is Mini Me Memorables? And what exactly can they offer you? Well, have you always wanted your own personalized LEGO figurine? With your shade of hair, and your eye colour? Or maybe even for your family? Your kids? Even corporate gifts? Or … An ex to play voodoo with (Hey, who are we to judge)? Yes? Okay! This is where Mini Me Memorables will become your BFF.


With Mini Me Memorobales, you get to choose from 100’s of different torso’s, faces, hair pieces, legs, accessories, the list goes on. You choose what head, body, hair, features, and whatever your heart desires for your figurine, and Mini Me Memorables will turn your Lego mini into a reality. A majority of these parts are exceptionally rare, especially in South Africa, but Mini Me Memorables have sourced them, and have them for you. Again, these are pieces you won’t just find in the LEGO shop, and will have to hunt for online as well.




Mini Me Memorables are locally based, and aim to put together your mini creations within the space of a few days. If you’re in South Africa, you can get your order in 1 to 3 days; containing brand new LEGO parts on a personal text customized perspex stand to your liking. All text on the stand is chosen by you, and can be anything you want as well. It’s the perfect gift for anyone, and even more so for those people who have everything, or tell you they don’t want anything. We all know one of those!

Mini Me Memorables was started by the founder to combine his love for graphic design, and childhood love for LEGO. By bringing the two together, Mini Me Memorables was launched, to bring you a concept that is on a different level, with custom text original stands and unique inventories, that you won’t find anywhere else.


So, what are you waiting for? Go play designer and create your own personalized mini me figure, nothing’s stopping your now!

Check out the Mini Me Memorables website hereas well as their Facebook hereTwitter hereand Instagram hereOnce you order and receive your mini me, please show us! We can’t wait to see your creations!


** All images in this post have been supplied by are property of Mini Me Memorables. This post is sponsored by Mini Me Memorables. 


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