Luna Intimates {Feature}

Every woman deserves beautiful intimates, and while we are all about supporting local, the brand you need to be looking at, is Luna Intimates. Today we’re chatting to Mianca Teifel, the beauty behind Luna.

Mianca is a post graduate Fine Art Student with a undeniable passion for the little, often overlooked, things in life that bring joy and meaning. She has always been an old soul who loves and appreciates authenticity and is at her happiest when she’s creating something with her hands, submerged in nature, close to the ocean, surrounded by animals and the people she loves most.
Mianca is driven and above all, a passionate human being. She believes it is so unbelievably important to actively pursue one’s dreams and create one’s own success and ordinary-extraordinary life.

Luna is a small, local business, based in Cape Town. All the details that involve making a Luna delicate, from the lace to the packaging, is sourced locally, as Mianca believes in supporting local businesses. Luna intimates are all made by hand, and strive to produce products of the highest level of craftsmanship.

Luna was started by Mianca been drawn to delicate and subtle things that bring joy. This can be anything from tiny flowers to the iridescent side of a shell. Or the one we feel resonates the most: The feeling that comes with being confident and comfortable me in what is closest to your skin. Luna Intimates. 

Luna was created to honour these small joys, and to give women the freedom and power to feel confident and beautiful, in their own way. Whether showing off your intimates, or knowing you have these beautiful delicates hidden, but giving you confidence. 

Luna Intimates are all about going the extra mile. Attention to detail is key and that is why they also put in a lot of love and care when it comes to the packaging of their products. Every product purchased, is delivered in a beautiful personalised box with a hand written note, and a handmade sweet-smelling potpourri bag, to really make an authentic, and personal shopping experience.

This is just the beginning of Luna Intimates for Mianca. She has big dreams for the future of her dream, and we can expect a bigger range, including new collections and a lot more sleepwear as well.

Although Intimates will always remain Mianca’s main passion, she has plans on expanding into other things such as swimwear, clothing and accessories.

Mianca recently did a photoshoot to showcase how proud she is of Luna and her products. She radiates beauty and you can really see the passion she puts into Luna. We are incredibly lucky to show you this gorgeous photo shoot. 

Join Luna on their journey and add a beautiful, locally handmade bralette or knicker to your intimates. 
You can shop here Luna here, and follow Mianca’s journey with Luna on Facebook here, and Instagram here

The beautiful images in this post were taken by Mikes’s Lenses, with art directing by Amber Gisele


Luna has offered to giveaway one surprise bralette to one lucky girl. This is an exclusive blog giveaway, so you’ll need to enter on the blog. Comment below telling us why you’d love to win a Luna intimates bralette. 

For extra entries: Share our posts about Luna Intimates across social media. You’ll see them pinned. 

**T&C’s apply. Closes next week Monday. Winner will be drawn randomly and will receive one surprise bralette from Luna. 



  1. they are stunning, very rare pieces. Locally made. Everyone feels beautiful if their underwear is pretty. easiest way for a woman to feel beautiful and confident. stunning, also, very soon, these won’t be available in SA as, Luna is growing so fast and would love to own one before then. 😍😍


  2. I would love to win because i absolutely love bralettes like lunas. I would like to win because where i live there are unfortunately no shops like lunas. Lunas clothes give me a sense of relief and show us that anyone is beautiful. That is why i would like to win.


  3. I’ve been searching for the perfect bralette for a while now and am so glad I stumbled upon these beauties!😍 Everything you could ask for in a bralette, as each and every detail is taken into consideration. I’m also extremely passionate about freeing the nipple and this just embraces that in all aspects! Love no underwire and the delicate beauty that comes with it- that is why I’d love to have one of my ownπŸŒΈπŸŒ™πŸŒΏβœ¨


  4. LOVE this article on how Luna started out.

    It is so often that one overlooks the small Joys in life as people get caught up in their busy lives. Creating such beautiful delicates to remind one to sometimes slow down and just be in the moment is so magical. I am so impressed with Luna intimates. Luna intimates is the epitome of elegance. It would be the biggest treat to have a Luna intimates bralette to remind me daily to slow down and appreciate the little things in life. β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈπŸŒ·πŸŒ·πŸŒ·πŸŒ·β˜€οΈοΈβ˜€οΈοΈβ˜€οΈοΈβ˜€οΈοΈβ˜€οΈοΈ


  5. Luna Intimate Bralettes are perfect for my A Cupsize! Feminine, natural, detailed, comfortable, sexy – “I think that no matter what one’s fashion style is – there’s always place for Luxe Lingerie underneath it all.” Dita Von Teese


  6. I studied fine arts as well, and can absolutely appreciate the beauty of Luna Intimates.. Love the fact that the natural beauty of the finer things in life is shown in each piece. I would be thrilled to own a Luna intimate and embrace the feeling of being comfortable while simultaneously looking beautiful.


  7. I would absolutely love to win with Luna Bralette. The range created by Mianca ooses sensuality, comfort and confidence. It is the epitome of womanhood and being comfortable in your own skin. I would love to be able to wear one of these magnificent creations , as every detail is attended to in it’s femininity, thus allowing the wearer to feel beautiful in every essence of their being.


  8. Luna intimates are so stunning. Every girl feels confident when she knows underneath her clothes she’s wearing something intricate and beautiful. These intimates can easily make any girl feel beautiful, confident and sophisticated.


  9. Luna Intimates are exquisitely beautiful! But not only this they are the most comfortable bralettes you will ever wear, and this is what us women need in our lives to make us feel confident and bold! They are perfect to wear casually and with formal attire! I absolutely love handmade clothes as the quality is at its finest! As from previous experiences I know I will never take my Luna Intimate off and that is why I would LOVE to win!


  10. Beautiful underwear is my ultimate indulgence! I am jetting off to the Phillipines in December and a Luna intimates product would be the ultimate addition to my tropical escape.


  11. I went to kamers last weekend and saw the stunning stuff from another designer. Upon telling a friend, she told me about luna! It completely left my mind until stumbling onto this blog and her instagram page πŸ˜„πŸ‘Œ the pieces are all gorgeous and would love to add some of her pieces to my collection


  12. I’d love to win one of your Lunar intimates bralette as they look so feminine, sexy and beautifully handmade. I love finding South African made products which can compete with established overseas brands. Well done on creating a beautiful product and strong brand.


  13. I love what Mianca and her team have created. These pieces are absolutely beautiful. I would love to win one, there’s nothing like beautiful, sexy underwear to give you the confidence to take on the world!


  14. I love finding a new post from Luna Intimates on my Instagram and I really admire the effort and creative talent that goes into the brand. The designs are so intricate and feminine – I love all the lace and detail. It would be such a treat to be able to win a bralette and to wear something so beautiful as well as locally made.


  15. I adore the Luna brand! Everything about it is beautiful. There is so much thought and care put into the whole design. Thank you Mianca ❀️


  16. So inspired Mianca and her team for the creativity, sensitivity and care taken in creating Luna products. I’ve been admiring their products for the past year. Its rare to find intimates with such subtle yet beautiful detail. Pretty underwear definitely forms part of the little things that add to one’s joy and confidence.


  17. Luna Intimate’s bralettes are just such gentle, one of a kind items. I love the attention to detail and work that goes into each bralette. It is truly an experience wearing their bralettes, it just makes you feel utterly beautiful and graceful. ❀️ Not only are they super comfy but are perfect for girls who are part of the Itty bitty titty committee.πŸ˜‚ I’d love to win this bra, as their delicate nature and style is terribly seductive! I love to support South African entrepreneurs and I think what Mianca has done is great! Keep on creating these exquisite, alluring items!😚


  18. I’ve struggled with body image for years. Even more so, now. I just ended a relationship with someone who often commented how he loved it when he could “feel my ribs”, and would ask waiters to bring me salad with my sandwich, instead of chips. It’s been tough, and I’m trying my hardest not to let media representations, or comments I’ve heard in the past, get me down. I want to love my body, I want to feel beautiful, and when I stumbled on Luna Intimate’s Instagram page a few weeks back, I scrolled through the site for hours picking out which sets I want to purchase once I’ve saved up enough money. I would really love to win, I can’t put into words how much I’d appreciate this.


  19. I’ve followed Luna from the beginning, supporting them on all social media platforms and sharing the amazing designs with friends. I loved them so much that I bought a bralette for my best friend for her birthday, and if I chose it for her, then in must be the best. I however have just not been able to treat myself lately and this gift would be an amazing Christmas present! Being a designer myself, I know the love and care that goes into these beautiful pieces and I respect it so much. This gift will be treasured so much.


  20. So much prettier than the ones I’ve bought from brands outside of SA. It would be great to win one actually made locally with love ❀️


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