Nude Wear {Feature}

It’s not often that you’d find a brand like Nude Wear, where their mission statement rings so close to your heart. And what makes them resonate with Lokal even more, is that they’re 100% local. Welcome Nude Wear. 

Nude Wear is designed and founded by Denicke CronjΓ©, who wanted to create a brand where the local aspect plays a major role in her brand. Everything about Nude Wear is local – from the designing to the fabric to the manufacturing to the packaging. Kind of everything that Lokal stands for too.

Nude Wear celebrates body diversity and body positivity in everyday women of all shapes and colours. As women, we always find ourselves too- everything. Too thin, too fat, too muscular, too scrawny, too pale, too dark – The list goes on. We often feel like we can never be enough. But that’s where Nude Wear come in, and celebrate us. No matter what colour we are, and no matter what shape we are, no matter how we look, we should be celebrating every day. 

Nude Wear swimwear was designed with women in mind, to make something that provides comfort and support with minimal hardware, with adjustable straps to make them suitable for every body size. The shades are carefully selected to celebrate the miscellany of South African women, & how different and diverse but equally beautiful we are. 

Nude Wear is a brand that is going to take over how you feel and give you empowerment and confidence when you don your bikini this summer. You can shop all the shades right here, and take a peak at their beautiful models below.

CLOSED – WIN!!! Congratulations to Melissa de la Croix. 

You can win a Nude Wear bikini in the shade of your choice – yay! You can earn a total for 4 entries for this competition by following the steps below. You don’t need to do all of them, but each step is worth one entry so go ahead and do as many as you please! 


Browse the Nude Wear website here and let me know in the comments which shade bikini you’ll take if you won. 


Follow Nude Wear here, and visit our Facebook page here, leave a comment in the competition post (it will be pinned to the top of our Facebook page) telling me WHY you’d rock a Nude Wear bikini this summer. You can share the post too if you like for an additional entry. 


Follow us here and Nude Wear here, and retweet the pinned competition post. 


Follow Nude Wear on Instagram here, and visit our profile here and tell us in the competition post why body diversity is so important to you. 



  1. I generally have an olive skin complexion and DUSTY PINK is my favorite but i’ll take any colour – they are all just divine. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the fact that the models are all diff sizes – it makes me feel confident just looking at them and I am definitely not a skinny-malinx! #loveyourbody #naturalisbeautiful


  2. Oh wow really love the toffee colour!! I have gone from a size 38 and think I am nearly a 34 but not sure!! Would really love to show it off in one of these!! #SuperStunning!!


  3. Fantastic colours 😊 love the Brown. Crossing fingers to win one to show off my post babies ( b/g twins) hot body this summer.


  4. I would LOVE the Toffee bikini, I think the colour would complement my tanned skin perfectly. After dropping twenty plus kilos at the age of eighteen, I was left with stretch marks and feeling more self conscious than ever. The last two years I finally learnt to love the skin I’m in and I really think a Nude Wear bikini would complete the package! I love the message this brand is portraying!


  5. Hello ! I think body positivity is so important because we should teach woman that you should love yourself and find yourself beautiful no matter the shape or colour you are ! Dont let others tell you what you should be , be happy in your own skin and body and the real beauty will shine through. EVERYONE IS BEAUTIFUL ❀️ I would love to win the dusty pink bikini 🌸


  6. The dusty pink for sure! It’s a peaceful yet fun flirty colour and I’m terribly obsessed with pink! Most importantly it’s a colour that universally compliments all complexions. πŸ’—πŸ‘™


  7. Woohoo for Nude Bikinis! Such a refreshing change!!

    I need need need the gorgeous Dusty Pink Bikini! It is just perfection!! πŸ’—


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