Meet Mina {Pay It Forward}

Let’s talk about periods. Those icky things we, as women, get every month, and cannot live without. Some of us are fortunate enough to down some pain pills, grab a tampon or pad out the cupboard, and carry on as if we didn’t have it. But the reality is that 60% of girls in South Africa, miss out on the vital stages of their education, due to have their period and not having access to their relevant sanitary goods they need. 

That’s where Mina – and YOU – come in. Mina was started by Zaakira, who aims to distribute 1 million Mina cups to girls across South Africa, so they can continue with their lives while on their periods. 

Mina is a small menstrual cup, inserted into the vagina for the duration of the period, then removed, washed and sanitized, and ready for use again! A menstrual cup not only have so many benefits trumping sanitary goods, but is also something these girls can use for 5 years. Imagine missing school every month for about 5 days due to your period for 5 years?!  These are some of the benefits of using a menstrual cup. 

Now, Mina are aiming to hand out 1 million menstrual cups to underprivileged girls in South Africa. To date, they have handed out 10 000 already, but need your help. To sponsor a cup, pay it forward and get one back, you’ll be helping a girl live her life period carefree. For R200, you’ll pledge a Mina cup to a girl, and Mina will send YOU a cup as well! 
We, at Lokal, are 100% behind this cause and can’t emphasize enough how these girls could do with our donation. You still have some time to get behind the project, and we really are urging everyone to do one. Follow the link right here to the ThunaFund page to make your donation. You can also read all about Mina on their website right here

Let’s still together and help each other out!


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