Mevrou & Co. {Feature}

Let’s talk Mevrou & Co. 

I’m sure you’ve seen these trendy simply tees with Afrikaans sayings on, that you simply can’t help but smile at? No? Well, then let’s talk about Mevrou & Co. 

Mevrou & Co. was started by three friends, as a simple side project that took off into the business it is now. The idea was to make t-shirts that are relaxed, simple, unisex, and suitable for everyone no matter what your age, size, shape, or gender is; with Afrikaans sayings that everyone knows, whether or not you speak the language or not. Why Afrikaans? Maybe, one of the mevrouens behind Mevrou & Co. says “Afrikaans sayings are, as we all know, particularly effective at summing up emotional disorders and, in fact, any state of mind in general. We are three Mevrouens (not really, but we loved the word) and the “& Co.” represents our many wonderful and creative friends with whom we have collaborated to develop the product and brand and who also generously represented us on our launch campaign.

Mevrou & Co. is proudly designed and manufarted from scratch in South Africa, with all marketing done online, and bringing the brand to life on Instagram. 

You can shop Mevrou & Co. via their recently launched online store here, and follow them on social media links after the images. 

MEVROU & CO. Social media: 




Online store:


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