Freedom of Movement ladies purses

Towards the end of August, we received an email saying Freedom of Movement are launching the prettiest ladies purses ever. Our eyes lit up because even though we don’t have a shortage of leather brands in South Africa, it’s very hard to find a good ladies purse in these brands. We’ve bought our purse, and decided to share a blog post on Freedom of Movement, and these purses. 

Now Freedom of Movement have definitely been around long enough for the majority of our readers to know about them. They started off with leather bags, progressed to exquisite time pieces, and their range of products constantly extends, with new offerings and new products. They have even extended to Australia and have a base in Amsterdam, offering shipping across Europe too. 

But let’s talk purses! The purses come in 4 shades and can be ordered off their online website here, with free courier delivery throughout South Africa; or you can locate one of their stores and stockists here if you’re like me and can’t wait for orders to arrive.  
Which shade do you have your eye on? 

**All images used in the blog post come from the official Freedom of Movement website and none are claimed as ours. 


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