Blacksmith’s Kitchen x Zomato meetup

This past weekend I attended a Zomato meet up at Blacksmith’s Kitchen in Paarl. Nestled in the Pearl Mountain, among gorgeous views and vines, you’ll find this little gem. It’s so easy to get lost in conversation and let time run away from you in the tranquil setting. 

Let’s talk food wise: We started off with a baked camembert wrapped in phyllo pastry with tomato jam & melba toast; paired with 2016 Stubborn Man Rosé. The tomato jam was exactly what the baked camembert needed to balance it out perfectly, and it was such a good starter. 

Main course was a venison shank with sweet potato purée, sautéed veggies, and a red wine & rosemary jus; paired with 2012 Retief Cabernet Sauvignon. The shank was huge, fell off the bone, and paired deliciously with the sweet potato purée. Not something I would ever order myself, but definitely tasted incredible! 

To end off the day we were served a chocolate duo of dark chocolate brownie with ice cream, and a chocolate brûlée. That’s exactly my kind of dessert – chocolate everywhere! This was paired with a 2014 Retief Shiraz Glühwein, which was insane! There are no words to describe how perfect this was with the chocolate. 

Blacksmith’s Kitchen is definitely the kind of place you’ll find yourself returning to over and over again. I actually cannot wait to go back to Blacksmith’s Kitchen for some wine and pizzas outside in the beautiful mountains of Paarl, on a summer afternoon!

Twitter: @BlacksmithsPM

Instagram: @blacksmithskitchen


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