Black Nice Cream + Greenis Review

What in the world is a Greenis and why does your kitchen need one?

The Greenis Smart Power Blender is what your kitchen has been missing all this time. It’s more than just a blender, and does so much more than a blender would do as well. It’s the world’s first smart power blender with a digital touchscreen, advanced microchip technology, and Smart Blending Programs (PS: Think a soup or hot drink preset where it warms up as it blends – what!). The Greenis brings you unmatched power, with a 2L Tristan jug.

Greenis has a raw power that can seriously transform into a versatile kitchen machine that goes beyond blending. When you think blenders, you think smoothies and milkshakes. But Greenis is so powerful you can whip up nut flours, sorbets, nice creams, granita, salsa, hot soups, purées, dips, and so much more! And you’ll find when using the Greenis that your smoothies, dips, milkshakes and more will come out smoother than ever.

The Greenis has got to be the ultimate blender you can purchase. As someone who loves being in the kitchen, is health conscious, or just wants a machine they can use for more than one thing, the Greenis is the way to go.

Black Nice Cream Recipe

Is there anything like treating yourself with a guilt free treat? Let’s make some black nice cream in the Greenis!

Take 3 frozen bananas, a tablespoon of nut butter, and a teaspoon of activated charcoal. Pop it all in the Greenis, select the smoothie option, and wait for the Greenis to do its job. And voila. That’s it. You have black nice cream! Garnish with fruit of your choice and enjoy your summer treat!

What I really like about the Greenis is the app and bluetooth option. You download the app, select the recipe, add the ingredients to the Greenis. Wirelessly connect your phone to the blender and when you’re ready, the blender will make what you’ve selected.

But apart from that, it has a cleaning option too. This machine really goes above and beyond in proving it’s a kitchen must-have!

You can shop the Greenis Smart Power Blender in black or white via Takealot here (white) and here (black).


A trip to Robertson with Four Cousins

My contributor, Rochelle, recently spent a weekend in Robertson, exploring and learning more about the Four Cousins brand. Read all about her stay below.

Wine is a big part of our culture and day to day living. It’s why some have even made sure that #WineWednesdays become a thing on social media. Everyone has their own preference when it comes to wine, but if there’s one thing I’ve learnt this weekend, it’s that your perspective about a wine can change when you’ve met the makers.

One of the most well-know wine brands, Four Cousins, is celebrating their 18th birthday this year, and I think it’s safe to say they have earned their right as a household name during this time. In celebration of this special occasion, we were invited to spend the weekend with famous Four Cousins in Robertson. To describe it as a royal treat wouldn’t even do it justice. Not only did we get to meet the four cousins (yes, they’re very real!), but we also got to spend quality time with them, and see how passionate they truly are about their wine.

They say cousins are your first best friends and while this might change for some, it’s still very true for the Four Cousins today. The dynamic four businessmen each have a strength which makes them wine superheroes. Together they are the ultimate package in terms of business. When you take a moment to get over the star struck haze of meeting them, you’ll notice how down to earth they are. These men have worked to create a brand loved by all and still make time to genuinely connect with the people around them, and share this mutual love for wine.

But where did Four Cousins start? In the mid-1990s the four cousins (Hennie, Neil, Bussell and Philip) joined the family farm, Van Loveren Vineyards, after completing their studies. And in 2000 they started making wine they wanted to share with the world. Thinking about Four Cousins Rosé generally just brings up good memories and the best of times for most. It’s a wine that can be enjoyed by the masses and has been since that first 1.5L bottle (which was the largest in the industry) came out.

The spectacular thing about the Four Cousins brand is that all decisions, from the type of bottle used to the branding, was done together. An interesting fact about the old label (they’ve since rebranded) was that the picture was taken directly from their photo albums and pasted onto the label. It’s the values of family that has made this brand what it is today. And when you actually get to meet the cousins you’ll easily imagine yourself as the legendary fifth cousin.

The idea behind their brand was to speak to a large, diverse and untapped market. Their wine is a little sweeter than most, but the quality set it apart. Today the Four Cousins wines are enjoyed worldwide by people from different walks of life, all coming together over a glass of wine.

You might have noticed their funny and very relatable adverts on YouTube or TV, and while TV is generally acting these days, with the Four Cousins it’s more a case of ‘What you see is really what you get’. During our stay in Robertson, we were taken on a private tour through the family vineyard, got to try one of the amazing wine pairings at the Four Cousins Restaurant, and even got to have dinner at the home of one of the Four Cousins, Hennie Retief.

On a beautiful summer’s afternoon we arrived in Robertson, with our first stop being at Van Loveren. Greeted by the friendly face of cousin Bussell Retief and welcomed with a glass of Four Cousins Blush Sparkling Wine, I knew we were in for a treat this weekend. After short introductions were made, we learnt a bit of history on the family and their iconic bible (be sure to ask about this if you’re ever in Robertson), and from there we were taken into the cellars where we were shown where which step of the winemaking process takes place. A nice treat was getting to taste some of the wines directly from the barrel! It doesn’t get better than that.

After the tour of the Van Loveren headquarters we were seated in a beautiful courtyard for a wine blending experience. The goal was to try and imitate the Four Cousins Sweet Red as an assistant winemaker. It was a thrilling experience that was rounded off perfectly with getting to cork and seal the bottle personally. If you’re planning on a trip to Robertson this is definitely an activity to add to your itinerary.

Image: Tiaan van Aardt

Image: Tiaan van Aardt

The evening was the cherry on top of the cake with a special dinner at Hennie Retief’s home. During this visit it was easy to see how the cousins have remained so humble, loving and generous throughout their successful journey. There is just something about watching the sun set over a nature landscape untainted by city life. A little secret, the Retief women are just as talented and know how to properly entertain. Getting to share a home cooked meal with the four cousins in such a personal environment was something unforgettable.

Early Saturday morning, awake and ready to explore and learn more, we headed towards the Van Loveren farm where we got a special tour of the family vineyards. It was fascinating to see the genuine passion everyone on the team had for the farm and the wine making process. The next stop was the Four Cousins Restaurant where we got to enjoy one of the many wine pairings available. This restaurant is ideally situated on Route 62 and a must visit even for those just passing through.

We indulged in the flavour combinations of the Four Cousins Fan Platter, which included Rosé Granita (a slushy type drink), the Rosé, Dry Red, and the cream liqueur; each paired with something that married well with that drink. The platter was spiced up a little with the addition of a Fiver Cool Cider and Scottish Cousin 8 year tasting. Did you know that the Four Cousins don’t just make wine?! The pairing menu is quite diverse, ranging from pairings for the sweet tooth to something for those who prefer salty snacks. And if you’re not a wine lover, there’s a craft beer bar and a beer pairing to enjoy.

The pairing was followed by lunch at the restaurant, and this comes highly recommended. If you want to do something special for someone significant in your life, then a breakfast, lunch or dinner here is a must. You might even bump into one or even all four of the cousins during your visit.

Image: Tiaan van Aardt

Sundays are meant for good food, chilled wine, and time with family, and we were incredibly lucky to visit the Four Cousins Restaurant again on Sunday for brunch, only this time the cousins joined us. After another morning well spent with the dynamic foursome our last stop was to the shop section of the restaurant to stock up on wines, sparkling wines, whiskey, gin and ciders.

It’s amazing to see how much this brand has grown and how they’ve accepted every challenge that came their way. Instead of just sticking to wine, the fantastic four branched out into ciders, craft beer, gin, Scotch Whisky and more. Each product is created with care and manages to become an instant favourite. I’d highly recommend trying the Fiver ciders next time you’re looking for a quick drink to take to a braai.

A massive thank you to Pippa from On The Marque PR for putting the trip together, the other bloggers, and the cousins for opening their homes and hearts to us.

For more information on visiting the Four Cousins farm and details to their social media, click here.

Also, thank you Tiaan for supplying some of the images of the weekend. To follow (or hire?) him, click here.

Image: Tiaan van Aardt

Image: Tiaan van Aardt

Image: Tiaan van Aardt

Image: Tiaan van Aardt

Image: Tiaan van Aardt

Image: Tiaan van Aardt

The Bubbly Festival is around the corner!

The Bubbly Festival is around the corner and you need your tickets to this event, asap! Held at Meerendal Wine Estate, on 27 October 2018, the events promises to dazzle and delight with bubbly, fashion shows, live entertainment and more! The event kicks off at 11am and runs to 8pm (tasting stations closes at 5pm, but you can still party away with a bar open until 8pm). Strictly no under 18s.

Take your pick from General Entrance Tickets for R360, which includes access to seated and shaded area, live entertainment, 5 tastings, and 1 branded Champagne flute. Or you can do the festival in style and opt for VIP Tickets for R595 (limited to 400 tickets) which includes access to VIP area, 5 tastings, 1 Cool De Sac Wine Cooler, 1 branded Champagne flute, 1 glass of champagne, a selection of canapés, and access to a waitress. You can purchase your tickets from Quicket here.

Events & More have put together an array of happenings at the festival, making it the one to kick off summer.

Best DressedDress to impress in a striking gold and white outfit with a touch of green to stand a chance to win the best dressed competition.  This year we are thrilled to announce that the Courtney Cousins House of Fashion will be at our event wowing us with her bespoke designer clothes modelled by beautiful ladies throughout the day. 

Don’t know what to wear? Courtney Cousins House of Fashion can designer a one of a kind dress at an affordable price for you.

Glam Bar – Add some sizzle and pizzazz to your look.  We will have a fully kitted Glam Bar onsite to make sure that you are glammed, glitzed and ready to go.  Need a touch of gold added to your make-up, eyelash extensions or hair accessories – we will have it all there for you.  Upload your photos from the photo booth so everyone can see how fabulous you look

Best Dressed WinnerThe winner of this year’s competition will win a bottle of Diamante Classique Quarter Carat Rose 2012 valued at R14 000.  The inclusion of a genuine diamond in every bottle of bubbly makes this a moment that is set to last forever The diamonds are sealed in the bottle within a teardrop shaped glass pendant, which effortlessly pours out with the last glass of bubbly.  Diamonds and Champagne are without a doubt a girl’s best friend.

Khanyi Mbau – The ScoopThe Scoop hosted by the beautiful and vivacious Khanyi Mbau covering the latest trends in local and international fashion, music, movies and celebrities will be covering The Bubbly Festival Champagne and Bubbly this year and will air a live segment on The Scoop Wednesday night at 21h00.

Live Entertainment brought to you By Freshlyground and Flat StanleyIn the words of Fred Astaire “Do it big, do it right, and do it with style” and we have done just that by securing top South African bands Freshlyground and Flat Stanley to entertain you.  Truly representing the new face of African music, Freshlyground is one of the most acclaimed and successful bands to emerge from South Africa in recent years. They effortlessly blend the infectious kwela style and musical traditions from Zimbabwe and Mozambique with elements of pop, jazz, blues and indie rock and have command a huge following of enthusiastic fans.

Shining their own light is one of our all-time favourite Bands Flat Stanley.  Well-known as a Melodic Acoustic Rock band who produce thoughtful, emotional lyrics they have produced two stunning studio albums and will be playing a selection of their new tracks at the festival.  So get ready to kick off those heels and dance the day away celebrating the best that South African musicians have to offer.  A well know, versatile and multicultural DJ will fill the rest of the day with a great selection of music.

Venue – Meerendal Wine EstateThis picturesque 300-year old wine estate provides the perfect backdrop to host The Bubbly Festival Champagne and Bubbly.  A 30 x 60 aluminum-frame, all weather marquee has been erected to overlook the Durbanville Valley offering panoramic views from all angles.  The grass is growing and the lush landscaped lawns surround the tent.  Free parking is available within easy access to the venue and in support of the Drive Alive Campaign we will have Uber/Taxify on standby in the area.  There will be a wide selection of gourmet vendors to cover all palate requirements as well as a Sabrage performed by a well-known Wine Maker.  Music will be played by a popular DJ when the bands are taking a rest and a full bar service will be on offer.

Cashless Card WristbandsWe will be running a cashless event this year and will be making use of cashless wristbands that will be handed to you on arrival and loaded with spending funds. Any funds that are not used can be claimed via the website and will be reimbursed to the client.

Ticket Competition – Book your tickets through Quicket here and stand the chance to win a Darling 3 Pack MCC to be handed out to the lucky ticket holder on the day.

Make sure you get your tickets sooooon and like the Facebook page here to stay in the loop of all the excitement around the festival. We can’t wait to see you there!

Windhoek Oktoberfest At Meerendal

It’s October. And you know what what means, right? Oktoberfest time! We’ll be celebrating at the Windhoek Oktoberfest at Meerendal Wine Estate this year, and we want YOU to join!

The Windhoek Oktoberfest is your way to join an authentic Oktoberfest, without having to travel to Germany! Namibia Breweries Limited (NBL) has over the past 3 years brought the authentic Windhoek Oktoberfest to Cape Town, which this year promises to be bigger and better at a different venue. We are thrilled to announce that the 2018 Windhoek Oktoberfest Cape Town will be hosted at Meerendal Wine Estate, Durbanville on 2 and 3 November 2018.  Situated on the Visserhoek Road, this upmarket venue offers ample parking located in close proximity to the all-weather, aluminium-frame 60×30 Marquee.

The Windhoek Oktoberfest is catering for everyone. Come Friday if you want a good evening with friends (no under 18s), or come Saturday when you can bring the whole family along. There are limited VIP tickets for Friday night as well, if you want to up your experience at the festival.

Friday 2 November – Friday General Access Tickets are R150 if you book before 31 October via Quicket here, or R195 at the gate. Festival starts at 6pm and goes on until 11pm. Strictly no under 18s allowed on Friday.

Friday 2 November – VIP Tickets are R395 and includes access to a VIP area, 1 liter beer mug, food platter, and access to waitrons.

Saturday 3 November family tickets are available via Quicket here at R150 early bird (before 31 October), or get them at the gate at R195 a person. Children 12+ are R120, and children under 12 are free. The day kicks off at 12pm and runs to 11pm.

The festival has a lineup you can’t miss, read below to see what you can expect this year:

Fest Beer: The opening of the keg will take place on Friday 02 November. With the exclamation “O`zapft is!” (“It`s tapped!”), the first beer is handed to the mayor or representative of the city, who then declares the Windhoek Oktoberfest in Cape Town officially open.  This is a special “Festbier” exclusively brewed for the Oktoberfest by Brew Master, Christian Müller.  This authentic German beer is brewed according to the Reinheitsgebot, the 1516 Bavarian Purity Law.

An interesting note is that NBL offers a special training program to become a certified skilled German brewer craftsman. This entails a 3-4 years in-house training in all fields of brewing and includes German lessons covering reading, speaking and writing. A 6-month full scholarship in Germany to become a certified German brewer follows which enables brewers to work all over the world. Bachelor and Master Studies can subsequently also be obtained in Munich, Ulm or Berlin.

Main Band – The Kirchdorfer band: They have been the official band in the “Hacker-Festzelt” at the Oktoberfest in Munich since 1994 and we are thrilled to once again have this legendary band perform at the Windhoek Oktoberfest in Cape Town. The Kirchdorfer band has also completed 100 tours in 17 countries thus far.

Supporting Act – Die Broers: Over-and-above the Kirchdorfer band, we are thrilled to announce that local celebrities, Die Broers made up of Snyman brothers Christo, Cobus and Stephan will be performing on Friday 2nd  and Saturday 3rd November.  Well-known for their hit with “Huistoe” (meaning Home in Afrikaans) in 2008 for which they won “Best Song of the Year” in the Tempo Awards, get ready to party the day away with great entertainment!

Schuhplattler Dancers: Schuhplattler is a traditional style of folk dance from Bavaria and Tyrol. In this male only dance, the performers stomp, clap and strike the soles of their shoes (Schuhe), thighs and knees with their hands held flat (platt).  Fun fact: a man can only be part of the group whilst a bachelor.

Traditional Food: It’s hard to compete with hearty melt-in-your-mouth German dishes which complement your beer perfectly.  Hartlief, well known for its comprehensive variety of high quality meats will be serving up traditional specialties bringing the taste of the Munich Festival right to your door-step.  Look forward to traditional ‘Eisbein, Bratwurst mit Sauerkraut und Senf’ and roast chicken, to mention but a few.

Activities on the Saturday: Typical to a traditional fair, there will also be lots of games including “Stamm-sägen” (Log-Sawing), “Bierstemmen” (Beer-Lifting), “Hau den Lukas” (High Striker), Nageln, Beer Pong and Catty shooting.

Kids Area: Kids will be able to enjoy a wide variety of fun-filled activities catering for all ages.  Physical jumping and climbing options will be on offer as well as face-painting, arts and crafts. Parents can relax in full eye-view of their kids in a shaded area with close proximity to the music.

Cashless Card Wristbands: We will be running a cashless event this year and will be making use of cashless wristbands that can be purchased on arrival and loaded with spending funds.  Funds can also be preloaded via a secure website prior to the event and top-up stations will be available to add further funds if required.  Any funds that are not used can be claimed via the website and will be reimbursed to the client.

Ticket competition: If you book through Quicket you will automatically stand a chance to win an all- expenses paid trip to the Windhoek Oktoberfest 2018 in Windhoek.  The prize includes flights, accommodation and entrance to the Oktoberfest.

Make sure you follow the event on social media here!

Cruxland Gin Cologne Workshop

Did you know that renowned wine and spirit company, KWV, launched a cologne in 1930? Since then they’ve made waves, now produce brandy, wine, & a craft gin too, and have become a household name that everyone knows and recognizes. To celebrate this centenary, Luke attended a cologne workshop and lunch with Cruxland Gin.

On a summer’s day in Paarl, greeted with a Cruxland Gin and Barker & Quin Tonic on arrival, Daniela (who hosts Perfume Privé Workshops) was set up between the wine barrels of KWV’s House of Fire, ready to show us how to mix cologne and craft our own unique scent. Vintage cologne bottles from KWV gave you that feel that they really have come a long way since their humble beginnings, and rightfully earned their place in the spirits world.

Perfume oil, together with alcohol, forms the base of any cologne and perfume; and Daniela supplied us with some interesting facts about cologne as well. For one, I had no idea that there’s really no such thing as a fake version of an upmarket cologne or scent. Their volumes of perfume oil and ingredients just vary, and some of these smell a-likes last longer on the skin than the original.

After crafting a cologne and lotion, we headed down to KWV’s ambassador chef, Mynhardt Joubert’s Kitchen. Aptly named, Mynhardt’s Kitchen. After appearing on – and winning with his cooking partner Tiaan – local reality cooking series Kokkedoor, Mynhardt went on to appear on another cooking series – Makietie – where he was introduced to and met KWV’s brand managers, and appointed as their brand ambassador chef. When you sit down to experience Mynhardt’s dishes, you can clearly see and understand how this partnership formed.

Mynhardt prepared a 4 course meal showcasing KWV’s truffle infused Cruxland Gin, each paired with a different tonic from Barker & Quin Tonic waters. Every dish oozed Mynhardt on a plate, and we truly got to feel and taste the passion this chef puts on into his creations.

Garnished with pickle spirals and herbs, our first Cruxland Gin with Barker & Quin Light at Heart tonic is set with Mynhardt’s array of tapas, bruschetta, charcuterie, and olives. The perfect start to a meal on a summer’s day in Paarl, everything about this dish married so well together, and the refreshing gin was that perfect touch to it. I could easily have gone for another round of this.

Mynhardt then presents an edible phyllo flower, beetroot cheesecake, with a micro herbs on the side. Together with a rose petal gin and Hibiscus tonic water, every sip and every bite brought out the tastes and flavors of each other. Who would’ve though that beetroot cheesecake would work but Chef Mynhardt.

Following this would have to be my favorite dish of the day – A rolled roasted lamb rib with sour cream gnocchi, paired with a carrot & butternut garnished gin and Indian tonic. I was always under the assumption that I hated gnocchi, but put a plate of Mynhardt’s in front of you, and that entire idea will shift. The meat was tender, soft, and every bite juicy; and the gnocchi was so creamy.

To end off the day, Mynhardt created white guavas, panna cotta, with cookie soil. I am unfortunately allergic to guavas, but the team quickly created one without them and wow, I didn’t ask or expect that at all, but I’m glad I did. The smoothness of the dessert and the final gin and Marula tonic, chocolate, & gold leaves was an end to a meal I don’t have words for.

A massive thank you for KWV, Perfume Prive, and the PR team for hosting and putting on this event. Next time you’re in Paarl, make sure you put a visit to KWV’s Wine Emporium on your itinerary (more info here) and make sure you book Chef Mynhardt for your next event. Check out his site here.

Langtafel op die Duin with Chef Mynhardt Joubert & Isabella Niehaus

This past weekend, the incredible Rochelle from The Curious Critic (make sure you follow her on Instagram here and sign up for her blog launch here), covered an event on behalf of LOKAL, and I can’t wait for you to read her thoughts below:

Hidden alongside the Langebaan coastline is the breathtakingly beautiful home of Isabella Neihaus. Much like Bella, her home oozes warmth, love and openness. We had the privilege to attend one of the popular Langtafel op die Duin lunches served by Chef Mynhardt Joubert, Bella and a team of friendly people. Chef Mynhardt has put together a five course meal on the braai, in lieu of Heritage Day coming up.

The minute you make your way up the stairs onto the beautiful patio, the warmth and comfort hits you. A mixologist is standing ready to put a welcome drink made of Cruxland Gin (a Kalahari truffle infused craft gin from KWV) and Barker & Quin Tonic Water. The gin looks like something from a dream with candied beetroot, blueberries, cucumber, oranges and mint garnish swirling around the branded glass.

As the guests arrive you start noticing that this experience is unlike any other. It feels more like a homecoming than a meal shared with strangers. There’s a calming atmosphere that takes you back to childhood days spent at a big family get together. You might see some unfamiliar faces but you almost believe you know them.

After a gin or two and mingling with the other guests, oysters are brought out onto the patio as the first course. This part was particularly fun as all the oyster shells are thrown into the garden. As you toss them you notice the hundreds of other shells around and you realize a lot of love, laughter, and fine dining has happened here. The fresh West Coast Oysters were paired with a smooth, yet dry, Roodeberg Rosé that complemented it beautifully.

Shortly after the oysters were enjoyed and the wine was sipped, guests were called to take a seat at the rustic tables inside, adorned with proteas, creating the feel that you are at a Heritage Day feast with friends and family. With the large glass sliding doors, you still manage to take in the sunny ocean scenery. Chef Mynhardt takes pride and center stage in today’s feast and in presenting the many delicious dishes coming up.

First off is the Bo-Kaap Sosatie Sous Snoek served with butternut, cucumber & mint taita and tandoori mayonnaise. In no world would we have thought to mix cooked cape Malay sweet curry with these sauces. After this, I don’t know how I’ll be able to enjoy snoek any other way. The flavours of the KWV Classic Collection Moscato was the perfect wine for this dish. This sweet wine is one of the newest editions to the KWV collection, and I can see many summer weekends with this wine in hand.

The third course was was Mussels cooked with tomato, chorizo, onions, garlic and chili. We also got to taste Isabella’s homemade Naan bread and sip on a Roodeberg Red Wine while enjoying these mussels, oozing with taste and flavour. With two courses still to go, everyone needed a little break, and the patio overlooking the ocean, with a drink in hand, was the perfect setting while Isabella and Chef Mynhardt were hard at work cooking a whole roasted Swartland Rump on the fire.

The rump was wrapped in twine with bay leaves, rosemary and thyme, and stuffed with garlic. It was served with samp and a mustard sauce, and the Dr. Charles Niehaus Red was a great drink to round it it off.

By this time, the peaceful surroundings, comfortable vibe and full belly called for a nap on the colourful couches with the ocean crashing behind you. But before anyone could make themselves too at home, a final course of Dark Chocolate Cake, rounded off with seasonal fresh strawberries macerated in KWV Medium Cream Sherry with a small glass of KWV Cape Tawny was served up. The best part of this dessert is that it’s flourless and a guilt free treat to wrap up a gorgeous day at Langtafel op die Duin.

At Langtafel op die Duin you walk in a stranger, but leave with new friends, a happy tummy, and a peaceful mind. A dining experience like this triumphs any 5 start restaurant with its unique setting, amazing meals, and ideal location. The experience would not be what it is without the warmth of kindness of Isabella Niehaus and Chef Mynhardt.

If you miss home, or want to try something that serves up our heritage with combination you’d never think possible, then Langtafel op die Duin is for you. For locals and tourists alike, it’s a place you won’t find anywhere else with Isabella and Chef Mynhardt bringing a passion for good food and people coming together around a dining table to enjoy these dishes. Their love dissolves all stress and tension you might’ve arrived with, and you can’t help but feel at home in their presence.

With very limited spaces, you definitely want to keep your eyes on the Langtafel op die Duin Facebook page here to make sure you don’t miss the next 5 course dining experience, paired with drinks that complement every course perfectly.

NOTE: All images used in this post are owned by Rochelle Jansen and none may be used without her permission.

Signature Lux Waterfront by ONOMO Hotels

New hotels are always good to know about. Especially when they’re breaking the moulds on what we think about hotels, and even more so when they’re affordable as well.

There’s a new kid on the block, and we got to spend a night testing out the hotel, and partying up a storm at the launch. Say hello to Signature Lux Waterfront, by ONOMO Hotels in Cape Town. This trendy tech savvy hotel is made for those who want something different, affordable, and want a dinner evening with live performances.

As you walk into the hotel, you get a sense of everything being modern, but still having that nostalgic look to it. The building was built in the 1800’s, and the historic feel is definitely there. Check in is done with your reservation number at the computer desks, where you check out as well. Almost everything done with your key card, which also happens to be the electricity switch – eek! Each room is equipped with a screen that acts as your access to front desk, room service, and whatever else you need. They also have an app for Android & iOS that can access this and more, it’s super handy to get this app before you visit Signature Lux.

The rooms at Signature Lux are minimal, with a raw and clean look at the same time. Does that make sense? Think white cotton linen with exposed brick – it just works. You also happen to be so close to everything – the V&A Waterfront is a mere 500m away, and town center just a kilometer or two away. If you’re feeling the beach, an Uber will get you quick as a flash too.

You don’t really need to leave the hotel for meals either, as the restaurant, Vivaldi, offers an extensive menu and room service. They’ve employed students from Waterfront Theatre School for live performances every night. Think opera, dancing, instruments, and more. It’s an experience to delight all the senses. Make sure you ask the barmen for a Surprise Cocktail, you never know what they’ll conjure up! We had tasters of certain meals – including spring rolls, seared salmon, brisket, prawns, and so much more. They have an impressive line up of local gins as well.

Rooms are R995 a night (price subject to change), which makes a city center breakaway that won’t cost an arm & a leg at Signature Lux the perfect place. Bookings are open right now, and we can’t wait to see how many people enjoy and fall in love with this new hotel!

Feel free to book your stay right here.